About Me


Talking about myself can feel so weird. What am I to say? What do you want to know?

I was born in LA but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. During my life in Nigeria I was drawn to fashion and everything creative; through the years I played various roles that would further my interest in this world.

I finally went off to college/university at Reading, England to study…. Law – not quite what I wanted but oh well! While in college, I developed an interest in Youtube and Natural Hair which led me to my ‘big chop’ – cutting off relaxed hair and growing non-chemically treated natural hair, which I shared online to gain a mass following. During this time I also modelled in the UK and generally worked towards a career as a creative freelancer. After 3 years, I successfully graduated with an LLB Law degree- yaaay!, then moved back to Lagos to finish up at The Nigerian Law School to become a Barrister and Solicitor of The Supreme Court of Nigeria – I know, sounds tedious!

Following my true passion, I moved to NYC spontaneously to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. Finally, I was on this long-awaited path! 

Between starting my Youtube channel & big chopping in 2013 to now 2019, I have made a career as a full time Influencer/Content Creator, Illustrator and Model, working with brands in US, UK & Nigeria like Clinique, Dior Makeup, Shea Moisture just to name a few and remain ‘humble’ haha!

Through my work in fashion and content creation, I’ve become known for my smile, #TheWhitneySmile, as it’s probably the first thing you notice about me. I do try to approach all my experiences with a positive outlook and it’s rewarding to know that I can inspire people from different parts of the world.

My life is constantly changing and I’m not quite sure how this journey will unfold but it has been a crazy rollercoaster that I’m blessed to have been a part of.

I hope you love what I do have to share!


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