hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9820hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9805hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9809hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9804hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9802hiteelyes x whitney maduekeIMG_9800black beauty x whitney maduekeIMG_9796

If you catch me on any given day, you will find I wear little to no jewelry.

Except for my gold chain, which I have had growing up as a kid. Its always on.

Besides that, I wear nothing. Even earrings.

It is kind of a mental thing for me, I have to go “Whitney wear some jewelry today” to actually do it. I am trying to change this.

But, I know I am drawn to earrings! STATEMENT EARRINGS! or little studs. No in betweens for me. haha.

I have these amazing ones from Teel Yes, which I am so in love with. Its great for any occasion.

I have filmed the tutorial on this look, I just need to edit it. Hopefully its up in a few days. If not, catch it next year! ahaha, 2018 is 4 days away! THATS CRAZY!

See you soon, well, next year 🙂


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