lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1496lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1537lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1527lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1564lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1609lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1519lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1603lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1596lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1553

lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1570lady in red x whitney maduekeIMG_1575

I am currently obsessed with red outfits!

I always knew color looked great on me; but for some reason I hardly put in effort in attaining more colors for my wardrobe.

Loved this look so much and so did everyone else that saw me. “I love your dress” “Are you shooting for a magazine?” “wow you look great in red”

Thank you kind strangers!

To my favorite comment of all  “The Color Red Didn’t Exist Before You”.

Thats how I felt wearing this red ensemble!

Wearing H&M Knit dress; Thrifted Beret; H&M Slip on Heels; H&M Jacket & Toyshades Glasses.



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