It’s a few hours to Valentine’s Day and I am sitting in bed watching one of my favourite shows – This Is Us. Its on love, life and family. 
Long story short, its amazing and you all should watch it.

Through the crazy years of life, one important lesson I’ve learnt is love for one’s self. I know, it sounds like a cliche thing to say because I am single and even more single on valentines day. I know!
But, I grew up learning its importance in so many life lessons.

Self-love, to love yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. To embrace your beauty, set loving boundaries for yourself, acknowledge your needs and going for the things that truly matters to you and brings you joy.

The journey of self -love is never easy. What journey is? But, it is worth it.
Carry it with you.

Happy Valentines Day, I hope its a day full of love from everyone that matters to you. 
Show some love today and always.
We all need it.

Thanks to BelleBar-Organic for the Havanna Body Scrub!

Catch you later.

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