It is a New Year, full of so many great opportunities.
Just a quick recap of 2016: 
I was consumed by the hectic life of a law student which meant I felt disconnected from everything and went into an emotional cycle of anger and sadness. I know, not the best point in my life.
But, by God’s grace I passed my Bar exams and now I am officially a Barrister & Solicitor of The Supreme Court of Justice, here in Nigeria. Yayyy!
Catch up with the moment on Youtube, I vlogged the experience. Nothing like hard work paying off!
You would think after the hustle and bustle of Law school, I would take a break from any strenous activity. Trust me not to be any wiser, haha, I ended up taking this job offer that was great at first but became such a burden because I had not taken time to relax after law school.
There is always a positive side to things, no matter what, the job taught me how creative I was and how much I had grown creatively from just picking up a camera a few years to start off Youtube.
In my deep depression, I reevaluated my life and discovered I had settled so much for the life I did not want and I was being pulled in a different direction than intended because I was not focusing on MY goals!
This ignited a fire in me to change the direction of my life and now I can proudly say I will be studying Fashion Design at The prestigious Parsons School of Design, in New York!! eeeeekk!!! I am superrr excited, slightly nervous, but I am so ready for it. More than ready, if you count the fact that I bought my first sewing machine in 2013. I announced the move on Youtube, of course!
I started a gofundme to raise some funds, so far so good! Grateful to those that have donated.
 It is 2017, and I am sooo ready!
Looking forward to achieving so much and being open to a lot of things.
Happy New Year & I hope 2017 is a great one for everyone!
Loza Maleombho crop top 
 Fashpa dress

Catch you later.

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