Yes, I know, a second post on 87Origins! Well, in a totally unbiased way, the brand is honestly fabulous and I just had to raid through their womenswear collection to find the perfect pieces.

I am dedicating this post to Date Night Affairs. How to dress for it and honestly, my simplest advice – dress in what makes you feel good, sexy and confident!! I guess that is pretty broad considering the fact, that could include sweat pants, pajamas or an old college t-shirt.

Dressing for date night probably means you are going on a date with someone you care about. So you are definitely trying to make an impression. I love choosing feminine pieces that are not so “omg I am trying to grab your attention” aka overexposing clothes but rather “I feel good and I am up for a great night”. You know, something that shows I am confident in myself.

Finding the perfect dress that shows off your womanly curves and celebrates you. Midi dresses; A-line dresses are perfect.
For those of you that are not into dresses, Pants and a lovely flirty feminine blouse always is a good idea.

In my first look, I am wearing an 87Origins Lace dress with Office Heels. Followed by a lovely Black Blouse from 87Origins, Pants from Mango and Aldo Heels. Finally, an 87Origins Black dress with Office Heels.

Play with color and have fun with it. Date nights are meant to be fun.

Shop the look from 87Origins at !

Oh, I made a video on this post. It is live on LeazzWay.


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