As my last post celebrates  my graduation, I have been absent  for so long due to the change that comes with graduation  – moving back home. Home is Nigeria. I moved back in July, and started the hustle that is,  Law School.  Catch some of the action here. The first part of Law School for international students – Bar 1, is based in Abuja, Nigeria. I spent just 2 months out of the 3 month program, partly because I used a month to relax in England while waiting for my graduation.
I am now in Lagos, for Bar 2,  hopefully after passing my Bar 1 exams.
Here is a recap of my time in Abuja at The Thought Pyramid Art Exhibition. I spent the day with 2 of my lovely friends celebrating their  21st birthday – yup, Twins! It was my first time at an Art Exhibition, which is actually fun with great company.
Also, the ‘paparazzi’ situation I had with some keen photographers; resulted in these awesome pictures.

I have a vlog up of my time at the exhibition here.
My wardrobe for law school consists of black and white; I had to deal with the lack of colour in my suitcase for 2 months. Not sure how others wear monochrome colours for so long and survive, haha. Wearing a Monki Bodysuit; H&M Skirt and Public Desire Lace Up Shoes.


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